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Swords of The Christian Culture

Boy the economy is tanking. I wonder if this will lead to the one world currency? Bound to happen sooner or later.

Our money is already controlled anyway. The Central Bank is basically a glorified mafia system.

That begs the question. Do you work with mafia types anyway?

Of course. Daniel had to work with the Mafia Types.

The rub comes when they try to push God’s system out of you.

Dan 6:5 Then said these men, We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except we find it against him concerning the Law of his God.

The pivotal point in any Christian’s life is when they try to push the Law, or the Modus Operendie out of your life. God promises to come to your aid when this occurs.

The Christian has two swords:

  • The Spiritual
  • And the Temporal

The two are interrelated in that they both have the Law of God as the pivot point for their function.

(As a side note: the two and three structure is typical of the Two or Three witnesses the the Bible talks about. There are Two witnesses, but with in the two is a third called the Law of God)

The Spiritual Sword is Preaching.

As Paul says in Corinthians,” The Foolishness of Preaching is the Power of God.”

God is pleased to Change the world through preaching.

That is why the 10th commandment, which Paul comments on in Romans 7, is so critical.

  • Out of the Heart comes performance.

More in terms that you and I could understand readily:

A team full of mediocre players that has a great Team Attitude will wallop a team of professionals that are not in harmony together. Teams only work if harmony or unity is present.

  • God is pleased to work with the heart.
  • Then out of the heart comes performance.

As individuals network together, they form teams, or a unity. This unity then rises up in the face of Tyranny and forces Kings to Bend the Knee.

But that leads into the next sword: the Temporal.

Our Temporal swords are not fleshly swords.

They are the Isaiah swords beaten into plowshares. They are a well equipped, well tooled, people that manhandle those tools into productivity.

Those Oxen under the Brazen Sea are given strength, and they pull in all four directions tilling the earth as they go, preparing a field of productivity.

More specifically, the Homeschool movement is more than just people educating their kids at home. It is parents tooling their kids up to be the best productive units in society.

Wickedness cannot compete with righteousness when it comes to working. Examples of this in History are when the French government expelled the Huguenots out. The Huguenots were the MOST product MIDDLE class that France had. When they were expelled, the economy fell to the ground.

Governments all over Europe, Austria for example, IMPORTED Christians because they knew they were the most productive, and stable people in the World. The Christians helped stabilize their economy and build it up.

Many people give Constantine a hard wrap, but Constantine was educated well by his father Constantious. Constantious told Constantine that if he would STOP persecuting Christians, if he would give them protection that they would make Constantine’s Kingdom prosper.

Constantious was right. Economic prosperity and civil stability came to the Roman Empire.

  • And another, this time with the combined effect of both swords:

The puritan reformation in England changed the globe. The puritans became wealthy merchants (temporal swords) and forced a King to bow the knee to God.

The king wanted money.

The Puritans said, like Jacob of Old to Esau, you can have money on these conditions.

This enraged the king, and he forced a civil war. Of course he lost, and he lost his head in the process.

  • The point being, that the Spiritual Sword of Preaching had taken root in the Puritans. They had changed hearts.
  • They loved God deeply and sought to root deeply in the Earth Christ’s Kingdom Temporally speaking.
  • They built businesses, schools, inventors (Isaac Newton of Calculus fame was backed and put into position by Puritans), supported righteous government, they built whole new countries in America, in short, they founded a new culture.

  • The propelling influence that forced the Kings hand the most, was the Temporal sword, the economic prosperity of the Puritans.

If I were to say any words of comfort to you, it would be this:

God’s word does not return void. A true Christian wrestles with the will of the Lord in the Earth and seeks to implement righteousness DESPITE the curses about him.

That is the point of the whirling sea:

“Carest thou not that we parish, How can’st thou lie asleep?!”

The whirling unrest of the Cursed World about us overwhelms us.

We look at the Giants and say “No way! We are grasshoppers in their sight!

A remnant says like Caleb of old “How can you think so wickedly. God will pave the way for us. They are bread for us! Be faithful, take the land!”

  • That is right, they are bread for us.

Even if their currency is One World. The problem is not them.

  • The problem is us.

The problem in Israel’s time was not the Giants, or the high walls. The problem was them. They would not believe God. They would not believe God and trust God enough to put His law in place.

Today the Church is in the same boat.

We do not believe God.

We prefer a theology of ease.

Christ will deliver us from this problem, just be patient.

Satan is so good at deception.

A fine line of “God will deliver us” is targeted at “No work for us to do.”

  • There is much work for us to do.

We have been redeemed so that we can work. Christ empowers us so that we can work. The wonder of it all is that God is pleased to use a Humble Church to blast down a massive giant.

The prophecy of Daniel comes alive when we see that Christ smashed the humanist man when he ushered in the New Covenant. The Humanist Idolatrous man is being made into powder.

His thought battle is losing, even as we speak.

  • The mountain, the Kingdom of God, is growing in the earth, and will fill the whole earth.

To those in Christ’s Church:

  • Remain faithful.
  • Dig back into His Law.
  • Read Dueteronomy 28.
  • Take the Law of God and Bind it about your whole ethic, as in Duet 6.
  • Take a bath in God’s Law, Day and Night (Psm 1).

  • Your whole being is consumed in following, implementing, building Righteousness, and wrecking Wickedness.

  • The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge: Conviction of Sin

  • The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom: Righteousness: The Spiritual/Temporal Civilization

  • The Fear of the Lord is to Hate Evil: Judgement: The King (Satan) of this world is judged: implement Christ’s civilization in the Earth.

(Derived from Proverbs and John 16)

The two swords were given to us (the Church Corporate) to use.

  • The sword being given to restrain evil and propel forward righteousness.

Psalm 149 Bind their Kings: this honor have all HIS saints! Praise ye the Lord!

Romans 13: Fear the power, for he beareth not the sword in vain. He is a Minister of Wrath to thee for Good!


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